Spiritual Trillionaire

Rags to Riches

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I’ve seen my father express more outrage than shock, rarely was he ever surprised. Nowhere was this more evident than with price-tags/ sticker price. When it came to price, he was virtually unshakable. I would imagine growing up in a true rags to riches story shapes one’s mind differently. I often see wealthy people argue over a mislabeled price. Some of my most affluent patients would argue over a $5 co-payment. Truthfully, wealth is a mindset. I believe my father was a conduit for wealth to flow through. When the universe blesses you so frequently, you tend to stop worrying about it. Like my father said in his first autobiography “Nigger,” ‘not poor, just broke’ which is a truly profound statement. Poor is a mindset and attitude, but broke is a momentary reality. If you’re broke because you misplaced your wallet, well once you’ve located it, you’re no longer broke. However, if you are poor, as in poor financial reality, poor health, poor attitude or poor judgment, that typically endures. It is an energy. Some of the wealthiest people I’ve known were penniless and could care less, while some of the richest were miserable. Broke people typically don’t chase money, they await its arrival.

Before man established the concept of money and property, man, like the rest of the animal kingdom, simply allowed the universe to provide. It was within this universal sustainment where my father resided. Most manmade sillinesses got by him, not from a lack of seeing it, but for refusing to embrace it. This position liberated his mind and his attitude. He embraced universal freedom and daily blessings, after all, blessings are all about perception. I’ve read stories about billionaires contemplating suicide because their net worth dipped, say 8 billion to 5 billion, and they became suddenly sad and suicidal. This mindset would probably be pervasive but most won’t become billionaires.

For me, I simply feel blessed to have run alongside a true spiritual trillionaire who had not a care in the world. Life is about living not chasing. Stop running and enjoy the scenery.



Published by Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory

Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory (Bio) Christian Gregory is the eighth child of Dick and Lillian Gregory. Born in Chicago, he was raised on a 1,000 acre farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the pastoral setting and lifelong lessons in wellness spurred his interest in physiology and the mind-body connection. After graduating from Morgan State University, he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta. Dr. Gregory practiced in Washington for twenty-five years, caring for DC natives, leading entertainment figures, and friends in the movement including Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, Dorothy Height, Cicely Tyson, and Stevie Wonder. When Dick Gregory decided to resume an active speaking and entertainment schedule, he became his father’s manager. Together they formed Dick Gregory Media, Inc. in 2015. Dr. Gregory’s unique combined experiences in patient care and entertainment management fostered the desire to develop the linkages between activism, communication, the performing arts, and physical well-being. To that end, he established Tower Hill Farm Health & Wellness and Tower Hill Farm Entertainment. Since his passing in 2017, Christian Gregory has managed his father’s estate and intellectual property, and has successfully guided the development of other projects on his father’s life, including the stage play TURN ME LOOSE and the film THE ONE AND ONLY DICK GREGORY.

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