Turn Me Loose / Arena Stage


Epic opening night! What an incredible performance. Please don’t miss the opportunity to experience what the entire DC area is electrified over. For tickets please visit arenastage.org the play runs through October 14th!

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone who had a hand in opening night’s official DC premier of Turn Me Loose @arenastage — Thank you to the Sponsors, Artistic Director – Molly Smith, President of the corporation – Edgar Dobie, Trustee Board Chair -Judith N. Batty, Playwright – Gretchen Law, Director – John Rubin • Actors

-Edwin Lee Gibson- a force to be reckoned with as Dick Gregory, he’s clearly been training for this role for his lifetime, John Carlin – Class, talent and grace on full display as he portrays a multitude of characters most whom lack the love for humanity that he clearly exudes • Show manager – Cheryl Dennis, Producer -Ron Simons, Thank you to the Designers, the Coaches (hello Kim James Bey), Stage Managers (hello Erin Cass) and Company Managers, and to anyone I may have inadvertently omitted.

Thank all of you for this epic journey called Turn Me Loose. Thank you for allowing us to travel back and forth in time to watch this geniuses we simply called Dad, shine his light.


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Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory

Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory (Bio) Dr. Gregory is a founding partner of Gregory Entertainment. He is the executor of the estate of Dick Gregory, director of the Dick Gregory Foundation/Society. Dr. Gregory is a board certified chiropractor and the medical director of Washington Spine & Disc.  Dr. Gregory is the vice chairman and sits on the board of Wellness In Nature.  Dr. Gregory is the 8th child of Dick and Lillian Gregory. Dr. Gregory served for more than twenty years as Dick Gregory's closest adviser. He was the point of contact and consulted on all matters pertaining to Dick Gregory. Dr. Gregory has consulted and advised countless legends, iconic civil rights activists, Academy, Tony and Emmy Award-winning actors and producers, Grammy Award-winning musicians, sports stars, and personalities. Titles: • Author “In The Shadow Of A King” • Editor & Compiler “The Dick Gregory Collection” • Author “The Caribbean Diet ~ The 10 Commandments of Optimal Health” Projects: • Executive Producer “I Am Dick Gregory” Documentary • Consultant “Turn Me Loose” Broadway Play

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