3E® ENERGY is proud to be a signature sponsor of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘I’m Fine, (Not) Really’. This phenomenal documentary provides an in-depth look and analysis of athletes and their mental health. Today’s era of constant contact and hyper accessibility has complicated the sports landscape. Daily headlines provide examples of this chasm. Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving recently became so annoyed by disrespectful chanting from Boston Celtics fans during a game that he responded with an offensive hand gesture and was subsequently fined by the league. These flashpoints are increasingly garnering reactions and impacting every level of sport.

3E® Energy board chair, Dr. Christian Gregory stated “As a company rooted in mental and physical well-being, this partnership opportunity was natural and organic. 3E® ENERGY is a clean, healthy energy company utilizing nutrient density to provide superior energy and wellness. 3E® ENERGY chose this opportunity to premiere our commercial due to the symbiotic connective tissue between 3E’s ethos and I’m Fine, (Not) Really’s call to action. Like Nike says ‘IF YOU HAVE A BODY, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE’. The science behind 3E® Energy has formulated a Better for You Energy Drink, with No Crash prioritizing all bodies as they engage in the athleticism of daily life”.  

Please tune in during the month of May (check your local listings) and join us for A DOCUMENTARY EVENT EXPLORING THE INSIDE STORY OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ELITE ATHLETES AND THEIR FANS.

I’m Fine, (Not) Really’ is a real, honest and raw look at the most told lie in the English language – ‘I’m FIne, really’. Used when someone is, in fact, not FIne. In 2021, sporting heroes from Simone Biles to Naomi Osaka, Emma Raducanu, Mark Cavendish and Tyrone Mings, took very public mental health breaks leading to a wake-up call for the industry, media and fans. This led to a global conversation focusing on the importance of improving the way athletes look, talk and feel about their sporting experiences.

I’m Fine, (Not) Really‘ continues that conversation with interviews from a wide selection of world-class athletes who are astonishingly powerful and features legends such as Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Michael Johnson and Tori Franklin. ‘I’m Fine, (Not) Really’ is about reclaiming the idea of what fine is, for the athletes themselves but, more importantly, for audiences to feel comfortable about sharing their struggles with anxiety, getting healthy and finding the best strategies in achieving success.

“Play Responsibly and Drink Nutritiously” 3E® ENERGY

Questions or inquiries: Please contact us at info@3eenergy.com


Published by Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory

Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory (Bio) Christian Gregory is the eighth child of Dick and Lillian Gregory. Born in Chicago, he was raised on a 1,000 acre farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the pastoral setting and lifelong lessons in wellness spurred his interest in physiology and the mind-body connection. After graduating from Morgan State University, he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta. Dr. Gregory practiced in Washington for twenty-five years, caring for DC natives, leading entertainment figures, and friends in the movement including Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, Dorothy Height, Cicely Tyson, and Stevie Wonder. When Dick Gregory decided to resume an active speaking and entertainment schedule, he became his father’s manager. Together they formed Dick Gregory Media, Inc. in 2015. Dr. Gregory’s unique combined experiences in patient care and entertainment management fostered the desire to develop the linkages between activism, communication, the performing arts, and physical well-being. To that end, he established Tower Hill Farm Health & Wellness and Tower Hill Farm Entertainment. Since his passing in 2017, Christian Gregory has managed his father’s estate and intellectual property, and has successfully guided the development of other projects on his father’s life, including the stage play TURN ME LOOSE and the film THE ONE AND ONLY DICK GREGORY.

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