Dr. Christian Claxton Gregory (Bio)

Dr. Gregory is a founding partner of Legends and Legacies Entertainment. He is the executor of the estate of Dick Gregory, director of the Dick Gregory Foundation/Society and a celebrated author. Dr. Gregory is a board certified chiropractor and the medical director of Washington Spine & Disc.  Dr. Gregory is the vice chairman and sits on the board of Wellness In Nature.

Dr. Gregory is the 8th child of Dick and Lillian Gregory. Dr. Gregory served for more than twenty years as Dick Gregory’s closest adviser. He was the point of contact and consulted on all matters pertaining to Dick Gregory.

Dr. Gregory has consulted and added layers of protection to countless legends, iconic civil rights activists, Academy, Tony and Emmy Award winning actors and producers, Grammy Award winning musicians, sports stars and personalities.


• Author “In The Shadow Of A King”

• Editor & Compiler “The Dick Gregory Anthology”

• Author “The Caribbean Diet ~ The 10 Commandments of Optimal Health”


• Executive Producer “I Am Dick Gregory” Documentary

• Consultant “Turn Me Loose” Broadway Play

Melissa Fernandez (Partner)

My partner, Melissa whom I’ve loved and adored for my entire life (I’ve known her since she was 5 and I was 6) is a news producer who’s thrived in the industry with long stints of employment with CNN, Fox and NBC among others. She, like I, is a little burned out. She too took a leave of absence to join me on this journey. She is my lead editor and researcher for the multitude of projects I have attached myself to.

Our plan:

Our life is simple and streamlined. We have no children, we are workaholics and are both news junkies. We live for intellectual conversation and competition. We understand laughter is good medicine and we laugh incessantly. We are obsessed with “clean” and organic living. It is this aspect of our lifestyle that makes travel difficult. We live in a world of cheap, toxic plastic and synthetic materials full of inorganic particles off-gassing and slowly killing us. These materials can cause our cells to mutate, which is the definition of cancer. A disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Preventable disease needs to be prevented.

We love life and enjoy optimal health. The food and beverages we consume and the unadulterated air we breath is paramount and drives decisions about the businesses we patronize. We are so passionate about these hygienic and lifestyle factors that we’ve developed our own scoring system. We use this system to derive at a wellness score. Like the board of health, we plan to apply this algorithm and establish a guide and a score for the business and establishments we patronize. We are elated for you to take this journey with us. See you on the road and stay well!