I’M FINE [NOT] REALLY & 3E®️ ENERGY 3E® ENERGY is proud to be a signature sponsor of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘I’m Fine, (Not) Really’. This phenomenal documentary provides an in-depth look and analysis of athletes and their mental health. Today’s era of constant contact and hyper accessibility has complicated the sports landscape. Daily headlinesContinue reading “I’M FINE [NOT] REALLY”

Simple, yet Complicated Assault

Simple Complicated Assault We do not operate in a vacuum. Our actions as Black people, whether fair or not, have ramifications across our full diaspora. It’s always bigger than you! I represent a legacy that has a significant impact on our culture. This was an unforced error of mind-blowing proportions. No one wins, the cultureContinue reading “Simple, yet Complicated Assault”

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest.  There was an old barn at Tower Hill Farm. Inside my father kept hundreds of pounds of navy beans.  We had a backup hand pump well with plenty of fresh water. His survival plan if the grid went down was for us to crush the beans with a hammer and mix the powderContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest”

WPFW 9/25 show’s notes

 Like most large families, Our family was subdivided into groups. The oldest: Michele Lynne (Richard Jr. 1963-1963) The Twins: Satori (Pamela) – Inte Paula Gration The middle: Zenobia (Stepanie) Gregory (one name) Miss (Ms.) The 3 Little-Guys: Christian Ayanna Yohance As the three youngest in the family, our journey was a little different. WeContinue reading “WPFW 9/25 show’s notes”

— The backstory: how Dick Gregory’s acclaimed autobiography “nigger” came to be —

The process of writing “nigger” started with an arranged meeting between Gregory and a young, New York Times sportswriter named Robert Lipsyte. The publisher E.P. Dutton had sent many other potential collaborators, however, Gregory didn’t click with any of them. The project began just a couple weeks after the March on Washington. Lipsyte first met with Gregory onContinue reading “— The backstory: how Dick Gregory’s acclaimed autobiography “nigger” came to be —”