Today I am excited to announce a broadened scope to the profile of all of my father’s social media pages. Years ago we created these profiles to post exciting updates and engagements in Dick Gregory’s world.
These profiles then and now highlight my father’s incredible life.

Gregory Wellness — is the Health and Wellness arm of the Gregory Wellness Consortium. Arguably, there is no bigger Human-Rights issue than our Health. We will continue to report and update on all things, Dick Gregory. Now, in addition, we will highlight health and wellness breakthroughs while calling out disparities.

Gregory Entertainment — is an entertainment company that operates more like an incubator. Gregory Entertainment was founded as a place where everyone’s songs, stories, jokes, journeys, and experiences have an equal chance of being respected, protected, preserved, and told.
Gregory Entertainment places a weighty preference on stories that seldom get told. A company whose very platform is to bring equality and access to the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, both in front and behind the camera— championing our true passion for respect, fairness, access, and equality. We have a personal vested interest in protecting Intellectual Property by utilizing breakthroughs and technological innovations. We have invested in companies pioneering Blockchain technologies and Crypto-collectibles to accelerate fairness and equality across the Intellectual Property spectrum. We are working diligently with companies like Tradestar Inc. to generate new and diverse revenue streams for artists and fans. Please stay tuned.

is on target to be an exciting year for the Estate of Dick Gregory. This year we will see:

• The release of the riveting documentary — I Am Dick Gregory

• Duke University’s Dick Gregory course, a course that is open to the University of North Carolina and Central students.

• Turn Me Loose — the critically acclaimed play based on the life and times of Dick Gregory is Broadway bound

• The announcement of a feature film, Dick Gregory’s Life Story movie — Produced by Get Lifted Film Company

• The announcement of the profoundly talented actor who will play Dick Gregory in the feature film

• Dick Gregory’s original autobiography N****r is being reprinted with a new forward.

• Amazon’s Audible to release the audiobook of Dick Gregory’s classic autobiography – N*****R

• The Dick Gregory Collection (Book project) [HarperCollins]

• The renaming and relaunch of the new reformulated Dick Gregory’s Bahamian Caribbean Diet

• A new Diet & Nutrition Book from Dick & Dr. Christian Gregory

And More…

Very Happy New Year 🎆
Please continue to take this journey with us.

Information is Power!

Most appreciatively,